Fair Practice Code

Fair Practice Code


The Company has put in place the FPC with an endeavour to achieve synchronization of best practices when the Company is dealing with its stakeholders such as customers, employees, vendors, etc. The Company’s Fair lending practices shall apply across all aspects of its operations including marketing,  processing, and servicing and collection activities. The Company’s commitment to the FPC would be demonstrated in terms of employee accountability, monitoring and auditing programs, training and technology.

The Company’s Board of Directors and the management are responsible for establishing practices designed to ensure that its operations reflect a strong commitment to fair business activities and that all employees are aware of that commitment.


The essence of the FPC lies in the following aspects that the Company shall strive to follow in spirit and in letter:

  1. To act fairly and reasonably in all the dealings with users  by ensuring that:
  1. The Company’s products, services, procedures and practices will meet the broad requirements and standards in the FPC;
  2. The Company’s products and services will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations as applicable for the time being in force;
  3. The Company’s dealings with its users  will rest on ethical principles of honesty, integrity and transparency.
  1. The Company will assist its customers in understanding as to what the broad features of its financial products and services are and what are the benefits and risks involved in availing the same by:
  1. Providing information about the products and services in simple manner;
  2. Explaining the financial implications of using the products and services.
  1. The Company will make every attempt to ensure that its customers would have trouble-free experience in dealing with it. However, in case of error of commission and/or omissions, it shall:
  1. Deal with the errors promptly and effectively;
  2. Deal with the Grievances redressal in a quick and efficient manner and to the satisfaction of the customers;
  3. Promptly handle Complaints;
  4. Have Escalation process, in the event of dissatisfaction of the borrower in handling his complaint(s);



The Company believes in speedy redressal of grievances of the users  and guides its users who wish to lodge a complaint and also provide guidance on what to do in case the user  is unhappy with the outcome.

After examining the matter, the Company sends a response as soon as possible;

The Company has laid down the Grievance Redressal Mechanism for the speedy disposal/ remedy of its Customer’s Complaints/ Grievance.

The Grievance Redressal Mechanism adopted, approved and laid down by the Board is available at its website “www. adfpay.com”.


The various commitments outlined and made by the Company shall be applicable under the normal operating environment. In the event of any Force Majeure circumstances, the Company may not be able to fulfil the objectives under the FPC to the entire satisfaction of the borrowers, the stakeholders and the public in general.


In order to enhance the value and relevance to the users , the Board of Director of the Company shall annually review the compliance with this Fair Practice Code, adopted by the Board.