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Understanding Neo Banks: Growth and Scope in India

On today's date, if you think of doing something, then you do not think of going out to the market, because all the facilities are available only by using our mobile phone. Still, if we talk about banking today, then many difficulties have to be faced.
What's the problem with the banks?
•Banks as on date not fully digitized
•Banks have trouble in opening Accounts
•International Payment Difficulty
•High Customer Charges
But today's date, such banks have come which can remove our problems. These banks are called Neo Banks. This is such a new thing in the world of finance that our everyday life will change to a great extent. 
Let us talk about it in-depth and discuss these topics:
What is Neo Bank? 
If I tell you that today there are such banks, whose branches are not physically anywhere, then will you believe me? It is possible on today's date. We call such banks 'NEO Banks.' Neo-banks mean such banks which are not physically present anywhere and which work completely online. Neo banks are a group of financial service providers that attract people familiar with technology in today's era to:
•They should be able to take full advantage of digital payment.
•Send money, borrow money, and provide many more features.
Benefits of Neo Bank
There are many advantages of Neo Bank, such as:
Ease of opening account without any confusion
In today date, many people have difficulty in opening an account because it requires a lot of documents. You can open an account in Neobank while sitting in your home. It happens within no time.
International Payment Easily
Today, you do not get the facility to pay outside every bank to pay outside the country. Many times you need to upgrade the card from your bank. But Neo Bank gives you this facility, and you can easily make payments outside the country. You can make payments outside the country with the help of Neobank and easily make any purchases.
Best customer experience
Neo bank gives you the best customer experience. It gives you a very user interface in which you can easily use their app. You get rid of old stuck-hanging apps.
All the information in your hand
If you want to know where your expenses are high and how to avoid them, then you do not get this information easily. Neo bank gives you all the information in your hands. How much are your expenses? All the payment details are updated immediately. Apart from this, you get to know immediately in which places you spend and how to reduce this cost. Due to this smart reporting, Neo bank is becoming increasingly popular.
Other Multiple Features
You get many more features such as:
•Your time is saved due to the prompt payment, due to which your manual work is reduced.
•You get a lot of beneficial customer experience.
•Get precise information about your paisa movement in your hands.
•You can easily see the payments made to your customers, employees, and any other suppliers. If you do any business, then you get a lot of benefit from all these things.
I hope that you must have got to know something by reading this. India is moving towards being a digital India in today's date. In such a case, having a digitalized system in our banking system is critical. Neo banks are such banks that do not have any physical location and do all this work online. We get many facilities from Neo banks such as ease of account opening and no problem making payments and transactions.


How we keep your funds safe?

ADFPAY safeguards your money as an e-money institution (EMI) through "safeguarding," which is different from how banks in India secure your money through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). It's vital to understand the difference, therefore we've put together this article explaining how ADFPAY NEO BANK protects your money through "safeguarding," rather than the FSCS.
ADFPAY Neo Bank is an e-money institution in India, licensed under the India Electronic Money Regulations. This means that the e-money and payment services we offer are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
At ADFPAY, how is your e-money protected?
"Safeguarding" refers to a set of rules that govern how an e-money institution must safeguard your funds. These procedures are in place to ensure that if the e-money institution fails, your funds will be held in a secure location and returned to you. These standards must be followed by the e-money institution in order to protect you. As a result, you should only utilize a reputable e-money institution.
To explain further, once an e-money institution receives your funds, it must either deposit them in a special "safeguarding account" with a Neo bank or invest them in low-risk assets approved by the regulation as a cash substitute. It may be possible to protect the money instead of with an insurance policy, however, this is less typical. Until you use your money, it must remain in these accounts or investments.
This provides protection by ensuring that if an e-money institution fails, there will be a pot of money (the safeguarding account) available to pay all due consumers. Other creditors of a failing e-money institution cannot make a claim against these protecting accounts since they are protected by law. The expense of the receiver (the person appointed to supervise the closing of a failed company) is the only thing that can be paid from these safeguarding accounts before the consumers are paid back their e-money.
Why is safeguarding different from bank-provided FSCS protection?
Instead of FSCS protection, your money is safe when you keep it with an e-money institution.
The primary distinction between FSCS and safeguarding protection is that FSCS is given by an independent statutory body, whereas safeguarding protection is offered by the e-money institution itself. If an FSCS-protected company goes bankrupt, this independent organisation is legally obligated to repay qualified customers up to the maximum compensation amount. This will happen regardless of whether the FSCS-protected firm has that money on hand. Normally, this payment is made within seven days.
Customers' claims will be paid from the safeguarding account if an e-money institution (such as ADFPAY) fails. Because the e-money institution cannot lend the money it receives from one person to another, it must have sufficient funds in its protecting accounts to satisfy its client debts. Only if the institution has broken its commitments may there be insufficient funds in these accounts to repay customers.
Customers should obtain the majority, if not all, of their money back if an e-money institution goes out of business, as long as it complies with the safeguarding regulations. It's also possible that the reimbursement will take longer than through a bank.
The protection rules solely apply to your e-money, to be clear. They do not apply to money you deposit in your ADFPAY Neo Bank; that money is deposited with a third-party bank that retains it on your behalf and is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The safeguarding regulations do not apply to any cryptocurrency or commodities purchased through the ADFPAY App, as well as any equities purchased through the app.


How to Create a Financial Plan and Increase Your Assets?

How can you consider developing a financial plan when keeping track of monthly expenses is already difficult?
Building wealth does not happen overnight for most of us. It's a long, drawn-out process, but it's well worth it. One of the most effective methods to avoid living paycheck is to plan for the future. It's the only way to get ahead for many of us. Here's what you need to know to get started.
Begin making plans for the future:

  • The first step is to gain a better understanding of your existing financial situation.
  • Add up your monthly earnings, bank account balances, and any other significant assets you have, such as a car or expensive antiques like jewelry. This is your own personal fortune.
  • Then take a look at how much money you owe. Add up your credit cards, vehicle loans, mortgages, and school loans, as well as any other loans or debt you have.
  • Subtract your personal wealth from the amount you owe. This figure represents your net wealth.
  • It's possible that some people have a negative net worth. This is a predicament that many people find them in.
  • It doesn't mean you're doomed; you just need to push a bit further.

Keeping track of monthly earnings:

  • Return to your monthly income and compare it to your monthly spending once you've figured out your net worth.
  • Consider how much money you make vs how much money you spend each month.
  • Make an effort to keep your monthly spending under your monthly income. It isn't simple, but it does take time.

Examine your outgoings:

  • Which of these do you have to pay? Which of these can you live without? You must pay for utilities, but most of us can live without a new television.
  • Make an effort to cut monthly expenses that aren't fixed. As a result, the difference between your monthly income and your monthly expenses will widen. The wider the gap, the more money you'll be able to save each month.
  • Creating a monthly budget is an excellent method to keep track of your spending patterns.

Make a goal for yourself:

  • Growing wealth necessitates a long-term outlook. We need to think in terms of years rather than months.
  • The second step is to define a financial goal for yourself. In five years, how do you want your finances to look? What about ten years? Is it a realistic goal?
  • It is necessary to have direction while creating a financial strategy that will function.
  • When planning your future money, make sure it fits with your current lifestyle and your family's demands.
  • The financial objective you establish for yourself will determine the road you take to accumulating wealth.

Now is the time to save money:

  • Now is the best moment to start saving money. Make saving money a habit, just like brushing your teeth or getting up for work.
  • Some folks make use of an autosave application.
  • You can set up an automated transfer from your checking account to your savings account if you know how much money you can safely save each month.
  • The amount you desire to save will thereafter be sent to your savings account on a monthly basis.

How to open an online savings account?

The process of opening an internet savings account is really simple. After you've looked into the various features, such as the bank's interest rate, key focus area, customer service accessibility, industry position, and so on, you might want to see if they additionally provide a mobile-only or web-based service. Although the procedure for opening an account varies by bank, here's how it works in general:

  • After you've decided on a bank, you'll need to download their mobile app or fill out an account opening form on their website. The bank will ask for your full name, age, source of income, average yearly income, employment details, permanent/current address, and other information, as well as your identity verification, such as Aadhaar.
  • Following that, you'll have to go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. With e-KYC/video KYC, you may confirm your identity by sharing your Aadhaar-OTP when conducting biometrics or by sharing a short video. All of this is completed in a matter of seconds.
  • To start an online savings account, you must meet certain requirements.
  • The collaborating bank establishes the qualifying conditions for creating an online savings account, which is quite similar to those of a regular bank.

The following are the most common:
Age: Customers interested in opening an online savings account must be 18 years old or older.
Nationality: While most banks require their customers to be Indian citizens, many of them also allow non-resident Indians (NRIs) and international nationals to create online savings accounts.
It's a good idea to double-check these requirements with your banking partner ahead of time.
Benefits of an online savings account
100% Paperless account opening: One of the best things about an online savings account is that you never have to leave your home and can open one in a matter of seconds without having to fill out any paperwork.
Higher interest rates and zero balance accounts: Most traditional banks impose a minimum monthly balance requirement on their customers. Fintech passes on the benefits to their users in the form of better interest rates on savings account balances and zero balance accounts, as they are able to reduce their overheads of managing physical branches and operate with comparatively fewer resources.
Impressive UI/UX: Because fintech companies are really technology firms, they concentrate on giving their customers a seamless banking experience with excellent UI/UX.
Safety and security: To protect your accounts, the fintech that provides these accounts place a high priority on encrypting user data and monitoring it on a continual basis. They are just as safe and secure as traditional banks, if not more so.
Customer support: Because the goal is to give a hassle-free banking experience, many online savings accounts include a 24-hour in-app or toll-free phone number.
We hope that these tips help you better comprehend online savings accounts and give you the confidence to take the next step.